We have made a difference for Sindiswa and her fellow Kwasa students.


Kwasa provides high quality teaching and learning to equip the students with skills, attitudes and the motivation to reach their potential as fulfilled and socially contributing adults.
West Green Charity has:
• Trained pre-school and Primary staff
• Provided teaching and learning resources
• Provided a school environment of which the students can be, and are proud
• Funded administrative staff
• Built and equipped a computer/media suite
• Kept the minibus on the road
• Provided bursaries for 60 students who otherwise would not be in school.

Improved health & wellbeing

Kwasa provides two nutritional meals a day, a safe space, security and Primary health care.  In addition, to educate the students in all aspects of safe and healthy lifestyles to help them mitigate the health risks they face in everyday life in Daggafontein.
West Green Charity has:
• Funded a clinic building, consulting and waiting rooms, and is currently equipping and stocking this. A volunteer registered nurse will commence vaccinations and treatment of minor injuries and ailments in for Kwasa students and the wider community
• Funded the security fencing which protects the Primary school and 2 safe houses
• Built and resourced an outdoor teaching and learning area

Raised Aspirations

Kwasa builds confidence, instills curiosity, and develops an awareness of the wider world and its opportunities for its students.
In support of this, West Green Charity has:
• Linked a school in the UK, with Kwasa College, and facilitated Skype contact between both sets of students
• Worked together with pre-school staff to develop an understanding of early years learning and the methods and resources which can be used to encourage young children to develop to their full potential
• Explored a range of approaches to early years education with the Kwasa senior team, leading to their adoption of Reggio Amelia practices
• Providing many opportunities for Kwasa students and UK visitors to spend time together exploring and understanding each others’ worlds.

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