Grades 1 to 5 now established at Kwasa Primary.

The 2018 intake takes numbers (including pre-primary and primary) on roll to 234. Many older Kwasa students continue to be sponsored through Primary, High and Technical schools around Springs.

In November Annie and Rich visit Kwasa and are joined by Claire and Tom, an English teacher and Head Teacher from a special secondary school in Basingstoke. During this visit Claire provides training for the Grade 5 teacher and models some lessons. Tom spends time with Sharron discussing possible ideas for progressing the teaching and learning in the school.

Sport, as an important part of life at Kwasa, continues to develop. Children from the settlement have little or no experience of team games or understanding of the importance of co-operation, collaboration and physical activity in terms of their health. Now at the end of each school day, a further period of team sport is timetabled. Each year group has a football and netball team and games are held between year groups and against other schools.

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